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CLAS12 - The Hall B 12GeV Upgrade


CLAS12 Technical Working Groups


    The primary goal of experiments using the  CLAS12 detector at energies up to 12 GeV is the study of the internal nucleon dynamics by accessing the ucleon's generalized parton distributions (GPD's). This is accomplished through the measurement of Deeply Vrtual Compton Scattering (DVCS), Deeply Virtual Meson production (DVMP), and single spin asymetries (SSA). Towards this end, the detector has been tuned for studies of exclusive and semi-inclusive reactions in a wide kinematic range. The large acceptance and high luminosity capabilities of CLAS12 are essential for this program. Inclusive processes, for  which the unique properties of the Hall B instrumentation are essential, for example the study of the proton and neutron spin structure at high x using polarized solid state targets, or experiments requiring neutron tagging will be measured as well. The large acceptance of CLAS12 will be ideal  for studies of quark hadronization in the nuclear medium. A novel way of studying the spectroscopy of hadrons is through the of hadron spectroscopy through forward electron detection.