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Radiological Training Information

2014 General Access RWP - If you are a radiation worker and will be accessing the Accelerator Site, you will need to read and sign this new RWP before entry can be made.  Any questions on this document, please call the RadCon cell phone at 757-876-1743.

New Posting Change Document
In order to convey status and entry requirement changes on the accelerator site, as part of the 12 GeV commissioning RadCon has published a document (SAF001) for all current GERT/RW-I personnel. This document (SAF001) is a "one time" training requirement to be completed by  Dec 11, 2013. Access the training at the following link

What level of training is right for you? Go here for guidance.

How do I get GERT?
What methods are available for obtaining Radworker I training? What methods are available for obtaining Radworker II training? Where can I find ARMs information?
VTA Standing RWP 2014