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Contact List

All phone numbers have the prefix (757) 269-####

Lynn McKnight, Procurement Department Manager
(ext 7603)

Katrina Sample, Administrative Assistant (ext.7593)

  • Department Management
  • Policy, Procedures & Formats
  • Quality Assurance & Assessments
  • Reporting
  • Procurement Records

Subcontracting Support


Teresa Danforth,
Construction and Services Subcontracts Manager
(ext. 7364)

Melissa Torres (ext. 7585)
Denise Leary, Subcontracting Officer (ext. 7172)
Sharon Williams, Subcontracting Officer, (ext. 7211)
Charlene Polk, Subcontracting Officer, (ext. 7284)
Barbara Rice, Subcontracting Officer (ext. 7238)


  • Construction
  • Memorandum PO's
  • Services
  • Personnel Services Agreements
  • Equipment Repairs


Danny Lloyd, Purchasing Manager (ext. 7121)

Albert DeChristopher, Buyer (ext. 6179)
Renee Carter, Buyer (ext. 7954)
Kristin Martinez, Buyer, (ext. 7060)


  • Commercial Supply <$6.5M
  • Consultants
  • Contract Labor Agreements
  • E-Commerce System
  • Non Commercial Supply <$150K
  • Order Entry
  • PR Screening and Assignment


Mitch Laney, Subcontracts Manager (ext. 5338)

Kathleen Jones, Subcontracting Officer (ext. 5139)
Jarrod Fitzpatrick, Subcontracting Officer (ext. 7338)


  • Non Commercial Supply Subcontracts >$150K
  • University Cost Type Subcontracts

Purchase Card and Green Procurement Programs


Dena Polyhronakis, PCard Program Coordinator
(ext. 7610)


  • PCard Program Management and Reporting
  • Green Purchasing Program

Small Business Program


Danny Lloyd, Small Business Program Manager (ext. 7121)


  • Small Business Outreach
  • Mentor Protege Program
  • Small Business Subcontracting Plan

Technology Transfer Support

Teresa Danforth, Tech. Transfer Support Officer (ext. 7364)

Sharon Williams, Tech. Transfer Support Officer (ext. 7211)

  • Work for Others
  • Cooperative Research Agreements
  • User Facility Agreements