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Laboratory Budget & Program Support Office

The Laboratory Budget and Program Support Office is responsible for lab-wide and division budget development and tracking as well as developing the Lab's indirect rates and providing financial forecasts. The Office also submits the Biennial Budget to the State of Virginia and the Annual Budget to the Department of Energy.

Contact List:

Sharon Parkinson, Budget Officer
Office: (757) 269-7590 email:

Chris Hayes, Senior Budget Analyst
Office: (757) 269-7294 email:

Susan Brown, Budget Analyst
Office: (757) 269-7668, email:

Jeanette Covington, Budget Analyst
Office: (757) 269-6463, email:

Tanya Stewart, Budget Analyst
Office: (757) 269-6049, email:

Annie Ungaro, Budget Analyst
Office: (757) 269-5752, email:

Kelly Webster, Budget Analyst
Office: (757) 269-7575, email: