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2011 Engineering Seminars


Date Title Presenter
1/25/11 Cryogenics at JLab R. Ganni
2/8/11 Cycle Design/Carnot Analysis R. Ganni
2/22/11 System Optimization/Ganni Cycle R. Ganni
3/22/11 Instrumentation/Controls/Design Overview R. Ganni
4/5/11 Small 2K system design P. Knudsen
4/19/11 Helium Purification M. Wright
4/26/11 12 GeV Cryo Systems Planning D. Arenius
8/4/11 Cold End Process Options for Nominal 2-K Efficiency Improvement P. Knudsen
8/16/11 JLAB's 12 GeV Compressor System and Development Work P. Knudsen