LQCD SciDAC-5 Kickoff Meeting

Conference Location

Jefferson Lab

CEBAF Center, Room L102


LQCD SciDAC-5 Kickoff Meeting (Dec. 1-2, 2022). The Lattice Quantum Chromo-Dynamics (LQCD) ASCR/NP SciDAC Project is supported by the U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Nuclear Physics and the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research. This SciDAC project focuses on an ambitious program of theoretical, algorithmic and software development which will enable calculations using lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (LQCD) methods to exploit the new generation of leadership-class resources and dedicated hardware to address fundamental questions in nuclear science. Specifically, our project will impact our understanding of results from current heavy ion experiments at the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider (RHIC), the study of excited and exotic states of hadrons at CLAS-12 and GlueX at Jefferson Lab (JLab) and the hadron and nuclear structure programs at RHIC-spin and JLab. The calculations that are enabled by the proposed developments will also look forward to experiments on protons and nuclei at the upcoming Electron-Ion Collider (EIC).