Corporate Communications Writing Workshop Series

Conference Date
Conference location

Jefferson Lab (12-1 p.m. each Tuesday dated below)
Feb. 11: CEBAF Center (CC) L102
Feb. 18: CC L102
Feb. 25: Applied Research Center (ARC) 231/233|
Mar. 3: CC L102

The English language, it’s been said, is “complex and weird” — but writing doesn’t have to be. That goes for any form of writing here at Jefferson Lab. The first two of these four lunch-and-learn workshops will range from “universal truths” (on writing in general) to useful tools in grammar, syntax and more. The latter two sessions will cover guidance and tips on specific writing types, both long form (reports, plans, etc.) and short form (memo letters, emails, etc.).

Altogether, they’ll equip you for better writing…no matter where you work.

Bring your own lunch and a hunger to write better right now!