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Free Electron Laser User Meeting

Free Electron Laser User Meeting

May 16, 2007
Jefferson Lab
Newport News, VA USA


Wednesday, May 16, 2007 - CEBAF Center , Room F113

8:00 am

Registration/Continental Breakfast

9:00 am


T. Thomas, JLab

9:15 am

FEL Operations

D. Douglas, JLab

9:45 am

FEL Optics

M. Shinn, JLab

10:00 am

User Programs at the FEL

G. Williams, JLab

10:30 am



11:00 am

Nanotube Production at the FEL

M. Smith, NASA LaRC

11:20 am

Pulsed Laser Deposition

R. Haglund, Vanderbilt University

11:40 am

Micro-fabrication Programs

H. Helvajian, Aerospace

12:10 pm  

Lunch - Atrium
FEL Program Advisory Committee Lunch, L102  


1:15 pm

Impurity and intrinsic dynamics in semi conductors

G. Luepke, William and Mary

1:45 pm

Spin/Carrier Dynamics in narrow gap semi conductors

G. Khodaparast, VA Tech

2:15 pm

JLab THz Research Program

M. Klopf, JLab

2:45 pm



3:15 pm

Human Effects of THz Light

J. McQuade, Brooks AFB

3:30 pm

The Daresbury 4 GLS Project

M. Surman, Daresbury Lab, UK

3:45 pm

THz studies of small molecules and proteins, and facility development at Daresbury

H. Fersi, U. of Manchester UK

4:00 pm

Shedding FEL light on dark matter

K. Beard, JLab

4:20 pm

Tour of the FEL


5:30 pm

Poster session/Reception


6:30 pm

Dinner: CEBAF Center Atrium