Second Announcement

1999 Laser Processing Consortium (LPC) Workshop
June 17-18, 1999

Jefferson Lab
Newport News, VA 23606

The Infrared Free Electron Laser (FEL) at DOE’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility is a unique high brightness light source for materials processing, materials science and other R&D applications. The FEL and its associated User Facility are currently being commissioned. After "first light" was demonstrated last summer, the FEL recently delivered over 700 watts of cw laser light in the mid-infrared.

A user program for the JLab FEL is being planned by members of the LPC and other interested parties from the university, industry and national laboratory R&D communities. Working groups have been formed for FEL applications involving polymer surface processing, metal surface processing, microfabrication, electronic materials, laser ablation AMO physics and chemical physics.

The June LPC workshop will be a forum for existing and interested members of the JLab FEL user Community on the following topics:


If you are planning to attend the 1999 LPC Workshop, please register by contacting Linda Williams at (757) 269-7181, fax (757) 269-6357 or e-mail: A $35 registration fee will be collected at the door, which includes our traditional LPC Workshop dinner on June 17th. If you do not attend the dinner, a $15 fee will be collected for the workshop proceedings only.

LPC Presentations and Program

If you are interested in presenting a relevant research report or research proposal at the LPC workshop please contact Fred Dylla at (757) 269-7450 or e-mail: The preliminary program for the LPC workshop is appended to this notice and is posted on the WEB at

Special FEL User Training Session

We have arranged for a full set of safety orientation courses to anyone who is planning to work in FEL Facility User Labs in the near term. On Monday, June 21, the required short courses on general safety, radiation, oxygen deficiency hazards, and laser safety will be offered. Contact George Neil at if you wish to attend these courses.


A block of rooms has been reserved for the LPC workshop attendees at the Comfort Inn, 12330 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA 23606. This block of rooms will be held until June 1. Please contact them directly at (757) 249-0200 for lodging. The rate is $69.00 + 10% tax per night. Several rooms have been reserved through the weekend. Other options for lodging are:

Days Inn - Oyster Point (Rate : $42 + tax per night)
11829 Fishing Point Rd.
Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 873-6700

Hampton Inn - Newport News (Rate : $64 + tax per night)
12251 Jefferson Ave.
Newport News, VA 23602
(757) 249-0001

Omni Hotel (Rate : $109 + tax per night)
1000 Batten Bay Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23602
(757) 873-6664

Ramada Inn (Rate : $69 + tax per night)
950 J. Clyde Morris Blvd
Newport News, VA 23601
(757) 599-4460


Preliminary Agenda

1999 Laser Processing Consortium Workshop

Jefferson Lab
CEBAF Center Auditorium
Newport News, VA 23606

Thursday, June 17

8:30 a.m.             Registration and Coffee

9:00 a.m.             Welcome                                                               H. Grunder             JLab Director
                                                                                                        M. Kelley              LPC Chairman
9:15 a.m.             FEL Facility Status Reports
                           FEL Program Update                                            F. Dylla                 JLab
                           FEL User Facility Update                                      G. Neil                  JLab
                           Measurements and Modeling of
                               FEL Performance                                             S. Benson             JLab
11:30 a.m.            Summary of the January 1999 BESAC
                                Panel on "Novel and Coherent Light Sources"   W. Colson NPS
12:00                    Lunch Break
                             (Working Lunch for JLab Industrial Advisory Panel)
1:15 p.m.             First Results from FEL User Tests
                             Polymer Microfabrication                                    M. Kelley             CWM
                             Pulsed Laser Deposition                                     A. Reilly                CWM
                             Thermoreflectivity of Metals                               M. Shinn               JLab
2:00 p.m.             FEL Proposals I
                               Chemical Physics with the FEL                        I. Harrison             UVA
                               AMO Physics with the FEL                            W. Cooke               CWM
3:00 p.m.             Working Group Meetings
                                Polymer processing
                               Metals processing
                               AMO physics
                               Chemical physics
                               Electronic materials
                               Pulsed laser deposition
5:15 p.m.             FEL Facility Tour
6:00 p.m.             LPC Reception/Dinner (Good Food/Great Camaraderie)

Friday, June 18
8:30 a.m.             Coffee
9:00 a.m.             Research Reports
                                Photovoltaic Materials: Analysis and Processing     L. Kazmerski      NREL
                                 Terahertz Technology and Applications                 G.C. Cho             RPI
                                Laser Pulse Depositon Studies at NRL                  J. Horowitz         NRL
                                Resonant Absorption of a short pulse laser in         Y. Lau                U. Mich.
                                   Doped dielectric
                                High Power UV Lamp Development                     J. Diggs              CWM
12:00 p.m.            Lunch
1:00 p.m.             FEL Proposals II
                                Materials Characterization/Modification with
                                   Intense IR and UV                                             L.Feldman         Vanderbilt
                                   FEL Production of Carbon, Si and                        B. Holloway      CWM
                                     GaAs Nanotubes                                              P. Eklund           UKY
                           Annealing, Lithography and Characterization
                               of Semiconductors by FEL                                      D. Gracin         NCCU
                           High Sensitivity IR Detection of Aromatics                   B. Lynn           MSU
                           Holographic Deposition with LA-MOCVD                   E. Gillman        NSU
3:00 p.m.             Post Deadline Proposals/Working Group Summaries
4:00 p.m.             Adjourn