21st Century Light
Parallel Student Recruiting Session at LPC: Thursday 1/17/02

CEBAF Center Atrium
8:30 am-9 am Registration and Coffee  
Virginia Applied Research Center (Support Service Center) Building Rm.53/55
9 am  Welcome Ian Harrison, UVa
9:10-9:30 am NSF SELIM and Graduate Programs at UVa  Ian Harrison,UVa
9:30-10 am NSF SELIM and Graduate Programs at NSU   Larry Mattix,NSU
10am Break and join up with LPC break in CEBAF Center Atrium  
10:30 am Join-in with main LPC meeting in CEBAF Center Auditorium (http://www.jlab.org/FEL/LPC/mtgs_wkshps.html)  
12 pm Lunch (with grad students, faculty, and LPC folks)  
  ARC Rm. 231/3; Also, set up of posters in ARC Auditorium  
Thursday Afternoon - Science Enabled by Lasers…Support Service Center Rm 53/55  
1:30 pm Near Field IR-Microscopy with the FEL... Prof. Ed Gilman,JLAB/NSU  
2 pm Photon Induced Catalysis: Using Light to Power an Å-scale Molecular Accelerator......Rob Zehr, UVa  
2:30 pm Ultrafast Intramolecular Vibrational Energy Redistribution in Gases and Liquids  Hyun Yoo ,UVa
3 pm Break  
3:30 pm Probing Ultrafast Isomerization in Nanoclusters  Andy Dally, UVa
4 pm Microcanonical Unimolecular Rate Theory at Surfaces: Vibrationally Mediated IR Photodesorption  Alex Bukoski, UVa
4:30 pm An Overview of Science at NSU Prof. Carl Bonner, NSU
5 pm Poster Session & Reception...ARC Auditorium  
7 pm LPC Dinner at CEBAF Center Atrium  
Friday 1/18/02    
8 am – 3pm Participate in main LPC meeting at CEBAF Center (http://www.jlab.org/FEL/LPC/mtgs_wkshps.html)