Summary: LPC Workshop

June 19 – 20, 2000

Jefferson Lab


************* Next LPC Meeting is January 18 & 19, 2001 – No June Meeting **************

The first phase of funding for the IR upgrade is in hand and work has begun. Prospects for the second phase of funding are very promising and there are positive indications for the UV upgrade as well. We are firmly on the path from the "IR Demo" to the UV/IR FEL we have so long discussed. Details appear in the summary of the January, 2000, LPC meeting summary. Operation is envisioned for Fall 2002, just time enough to get good experiments organized and in place.

The spring run delivered almost 300 hours of usable beam, reflecting the steady improvement in operating knowledge. Results reported include:

Most of the program was devoted to the FEL’s potential as a tool for novel basic science research. Its fruitful exploitation must rest upon the platform of a basic research program. The path to establishing the program consists of (Williams):

Even without the upgrades, the FEL offers many exciting opportunities for basic and applied research:

Working groups met to address ablation-based processes (PLD and micromachining), metal and surface processing, and bio/medical opportunities. The major outcomes were:

Ablation- Interests and Action Items

Metal and Surface Processing Interests


Bio/Medical opportunities and interests