JLab FEL User Meeting and

Laser Processing Consortium Workshop

January 18 Ė 19, 2001

Jefferson Lab

We completed the first year of "routine" operation with all systems in place and functioning for three month-long runs; operation in 2001will be the same. Funding for both phases of the IR upgrade is in hand and funding for the first phase of the UV upgrade is expected in time for both upgrades to proceed together. The importance of users getting underway now with the design of equipment and experiments to use this marvelous light cannot be overstated.

A major step toward DOE funding of FEL operation was the development of the scientific case at a workshop last October, "Scientific Frontiers with Accelerator-Based Lasers". The workshop report is available at

The routine operation established in 2000 is expected to carry forward with the upgraded machine.

Light source development continues at JLab and among our partners

Though the FEL has great flexibility with respect to some parameters (e.g., wavelength), it is rather limited with respect to others. Accordingly, beam parameters desired for micromachining and PLD are best sought by conditioning the FELís native beam. A proposal has been submitted to NSF for beam conditioning facilities consisting of:

Users continue to make progress not possible at any other light source:

Researchers in other fields described issues where the FEL could prospectively contribute: