Laser Processing Consortium Workshop

Jan. 1415, 1998

Jefferson Lab

Newport News, VA 23606


The Laser Processing Consortium (LPC) is a industry-university-government partnership that was formed in 1993 to help Jefferson Lab plan and utilize high average power FELs made possible with Jefferson Lab superconducting RF technology. The first FEL to be built at Jefferson Lab, the IR Demo, will be coming on-line in mid 1998. A flexible User Facility with 600m2 of user laboratory space has been constructed with the IR Demo.

Since 1994, the LPC has been meeting twice yearly in workshop formats to discuss potential FEL applications and to give guidance to the FEL design team. Three topical working groups (Polymers, Metals and Microfabrication) have been active for the last two years planning experiments and the required equipment for the initial fit-up of several of the FEL User Laboratories. Reports from these working groups are included in these proceedings.

The January 1998 LPC workshop focused on a series of reports given by investigators who responded to a call announced at the June 1997 workshop for basic science proposals that complement the applications proposed by the topical working groups and took advantage of one or more of the characteristics of the FEL (power, tunability or pulse structure) for unique scientific measurements. Workshop participants are in the process of submitting pre-proposals to the DOE Basic Energy Sciences Program Office. Pre-proposals that have been reviewed favorably by DOE are being expanded to full proposals and submitted to the usual peer review process. Workshop participants also heard of collaboration possibilities with NASA, Brookhaven National Laboratory and the European light source community from invited speakers from these organizations.

Several informal meetings of the charter topical working groups and several new topical groups are planned before the next full LPC workshop which is tentatively scheduled for the last week of September 1998.

Persons interested in following the progress of the commissioning of the Jefferson Lab FEL and the continued development of the user program can refer to the FEL Program Web site at

Fred Dylla

FEL Program Manager

Jefferson Lab

Michael Kelley


Laser Processing Consortium

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