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FEL Program Advisory Committee

Director's Review of Proposed Pilot Experiments at the Jlab VUV/FEL
May 20, 2011 | Room L102/104
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


The FEL group at Jefferson Lab has demonstrated operation of a UV Free Electron Laser with wavelengths in the spectral region down to 363 nm with 100W average power levels. Harmonics up to at least 10 eV photon energy are expected to be present at the 100 mW level. Photon transport beamlines are under construction for both the UV and VUV wavelengths. It has been proposed that this facility be utilized to perform three pilot experiments, led by outside user groups, involving:

The Jefferson Lab Directorate is conducting a review of these activities to:

Draft Charge

For the VUV/FEL facility, evaluate the state of readiness and the level of characterization of the photon beam properties. Evaluate the safety procedures and training program for the users. Identify any recommended improvements that are desirable before starting an experimental science program.

For each of the two proposed pilot experiments, evaluate the following:

  1. Scientific impact of the pilot experiment, and (if appropriate) of a possible follow-up activity in the future. Can one expect publishable results?
  2. Suitability/uniqueness of the FEL. Can the experiment be accomplished at another facility?
  3. Technical feasibility of the proposed method. Discuss perceived strengths and weaknesses, and identify any technical risks. Is the beam time request appropriate?
  4. Equipment requirements. Does the necessary equipment already exist? Is additional equipment required? Is substantial installation required, and if so, is there a satisfactory plan and have the necessary resources been identified?
  5. Safety and health issues. Are there any special hazards that need mitigation?
  6. Strength of the collaboration. Has sufficient manpower been identified to carry out the experiment plan?