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Free-Electron Laser Description

Spectral Range Comparisons

Output parameters: power as a function of wavelength for various sources, the lasers all being sub-picosecond.

Specifications of the JLab FEL

The Jefferson Lab FEL is a sub-picosecond, tunable light source covering the range from 250 nanometers in the ultraviolet to 14 microns in the mid-infrared, with pulse energies up to 300 microJoules, and at repetition rates up to 75 MHz. Not all parameters can be satisfied simultaneously but average powers in excess of 10 kW have been demonstrated in the infrared.

FEL Schematic

A schematic of the FEL is shown above.

Jefferson Lab FEL Output Light Parameters

IR BranchUV Branch
Wavelength range (microns)1.5 - 140.25 - 1
Bunch Length (FWHM psec)0.2 - 20.2 - 2
Laser energy / pulse (microJoulesJ) 100 - 30025
Laser power (kW)> 10> 1
Repetition Rate (cw operation, MHz)4.7 - 754.7 - 75

Jefferson Lab FEL Electron Beam Parameters

Energy (MeV)80-200200
Charge per bunch (pC)135135
Average current (mA)105
Peak Current (A)270270
Beam Power (kW)20001000
Energy Spread (%)0.50%0.13%
Normalized emittance (mm-mrad)<30<11
Induced energy spread (full)10%5%

Jefferson Lab (Broadband) THz Beamline Parameters

Wavelength Range (THz)0.1 - 10
Pulse Length (ps)0.2 - 2
Energy / pulse (microJoules) 2
Repetition Rate1 Hz - 75 MHz
Total Power (watts)150