LPC Briefs

December 24, 1998

Holiday Greetings and many thank you's for a great 1998!


January LPC Workshop reviewed the basic science proposals prepared for DOE

May Applied Research Center Dedication

June FEL "First Light" at 155 watts

IAB Meeting held on June 22

July FEL power increased to 311 watts

August ARC Consortium wins a Technology Innovation Center grant from the State of Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology and established the Center for Photon and Plasma Processing.

FEL demonstrates energy recovery while lasing at low power.

Hosted International FEL Conference (Williamsburg)

November FEL Applications Workshop held at SURA (Washington DC)

December FEL demonstrated energy recovery at 300 watts.


*The planned LPC meeting is postponed until later in the year due to the BESAC Light Source Panel meeting starting on January 19. (see below)

1999 Activities

*The Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (BESAC), an advisory committee to the Department of Energy, will host a panel meeting, "Novel and Coherent Light Sources", from January 19 - 21 (see www.er.doe.gov/production/bes/bes.html for details). Jefferson Lab is one of the 5 laboratories presenting to the panel.

*SPIE Conference on High Power Lasers and Applications (See www.spie.org/info/pw for more information on the conference and to register.)

*Also in 1999 - Looking forward to pushing the FEL to kilowatt power levels and the startup of the first FEL User Labs - polymer processing, metals processing, material science and microfabrication.

Edited by Linda Ware, Public Affairs. To submit information items email ware@jlab.org. The Laser Processing Consortium is a collaboration of industries, universities and Jefferson Lab members developing high power laser applications using Jefferson Lab's Free Electron Laser. The Free Electron Laser project is based on superconducting accelerator technology and that provides broadly tunable, higher power, lower cost per unit light in the infrared than is currently available.