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FEL Applications - Micromachining

12-micron, micro-optical Fresnel Lens component12-micron, micro-optical Fresnel Lens component

The images above are 12-micron, micro-optical Fresnel Lens components created by laser-micromaching. They show that laser light can fashion micron-scale structures with nanometer-scale control.

A free-electron laser can be used for to fabricate three-dimensional mechanical structures with dimensions as small as a micron — one ten-thousandth of a centimeter — and with features that are smaller still. Examples of this micromachining with FELs are ultrahigh-density CD ROM technology and improved micro-optical devices.

Ref.: Kelley, M. J.: An FEL for the Polymer Processing Industries. SPIE Int'l Society for Optical Eng., 1997, SPIE 2988, pp. 240-244.