SVT Overview

The Silicon Vertex Tracker (SVT) is designed to reconstruct the trajectories of charged tracks in the angular region from 35 to 125 deg. The SVT will have 33792 channels of silicon strip sensors in eight layers (four regions). There are three sensors per layer. Each layer has 256 strips with linearly varying angles of 0 to 3 deg. The readout strips have a constant φ pitch of 1/85 deg. To measure the momentum of charged tracks with transverse momenta up to 1 GeV with a precision of better than 5%, a resolution of 50 μm in the bending plane is needed. The SVT uses single-sided microstrip sensors fabricated by Hamamatsu Corp. of Japan. The sensors have a graded angle design to minimize dead areas and a readout pitch of 156 μm. The SVT will be centered inside the superconducting solenoid.

Last modified: May 31, 2013
Daniel S. Carman