To upload your talk to the indico website, please go to the JLab indico site at the following address

and navigate to the CLAS Collaboration meeting website. You should see the agenda for the meeting. Check your listing. If there is any issue, please let me know. If you want to change anything (like upload your talk), you can do that by following the directions below. Please let me know ways to improve the guidelines below.


Jerry Gilfoyle, CLAS Chair


Adding material to your meeting entry (i.e. uploading your talk).

  1. You will have to login to indico to upload your talk. Click on the 'Login' box in the upper-right-hand corner of the agenda page and enter your indico username and password (NOT your CUE username and password). If you have no idea if you have an indico account, go to item 6. below.

  2. After logging in you should see the agenda again. Scroll down and find your entry and if all is right with the world, there should a small button with a downward-pointing triangle on the right-hand-side of your listing. If there is no clickable button go to item 5 below. Note, that there will NOT be buttons accessible to you on the other agenda entries.

  3. If there IS a clickable button, click it and and you will get a drop-down menu. Select 'Add material' from the drop-down menu. This will bring you to the "Upload Material" window/GUI.

  4. On "Upload Material", you can (amazingly) upload your talk. The default settings should not be changed - "Location" is typically "Local file", "Material type" is "Slides" and "Inherit from parent Contribution ..." should be chosen. Click "Browse" and locate your talk on your local disk. Click "Create Resource" to finish. You should be returned to the agenda and there will be a link to your talk on your entry.

  5. If there is not a clickable button next to your entry there is possibly a mismatch between your indico username and the one used here from the JLab indico database. Send me your indico username and family name and I will try to track it down. If you are trying to upload your talk right now, send it to me and I will try to get it uploaded for you when I can.

  6. If you don't think you have an indico account, then sign up for one on the indico login page ( Send me your username and the family name you entered so I can find you in the indico database and change to the appropriate speaker. If you're desperate, send me your talk and I will upload it when I can.