Minutes of the Jefferson Lab CLAS Collaboration Meeting

February 28 - March 2, 2002

Important Points:

  1. Next Meeting:  May 30 - June 1 at Jefferson Lab, CEBAF Center

  2. One new Full Member was elected: Valeri Koubarovski, RPI

  3. Five new Term Members were admitted:

    Pawel Amborzewicz, FIU
    Cornel Butuceanu, WM
    Alexei Klimenko, ODU
    Mathias Mozar, Ohio
    Clarisse Tur, USCarolina


  4. One Limited member was elected:  Richard Lednicky, Institute of Physics ASCR, Prague

  5. An amendment to the CLAS Charter allowing Term Members to be Spokespersons on CLAS Proposals was approved.

  6. The meeting was broadcast on the web, and the recordings are available from the archives.  The recordings are available at http:// www.jlab.org/clas_collaboration/WebCastGuide.html.  Real thanks to Dan Carman who helped get this service in operation.

There are two points associated with this last item.  First, we would like to know if you used this feature, and if you did, did you find it useful?  Should we continue to provide this service at future meetings?  And how might we improve it in the future if it is continued?

The second point is that the verbatim recording of what was said makes minutes of the meeting superfluous, less accurate than a summary, and simplifies my job, since you can find out exactly what went on my logging on to the part of the meeting you want to know about.

Reported by Hall Crannell