Last Update 3-20-2010 -- R. A. Schumacher
CLAS Governance Documents
General Index

This is a cross-referenced list of various topics as they are treated in the Collaboration Charter and/or the Bylaws. In the Web version of this document, all underlined references function as active links to the related text.

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  Charter Article I -- Goal of the Collaboration

Charter Article II -- Collaboration Membership
        II A     Full Members Defined
        II B     Term Members Defined
        II C     Limited Members Defined
        II D     Deletion of Members
        II E     Election of Members      & Bylaw  B
Duties of Members --
         Shift Taking Policy  --  Bylaw A1
         Service Work Policy -- Bylaw A2

Charter Articles III, IV, V & XI 
                          -- Governance & Management
        III      Governance Defined
        IV      Working Groups Established
        V A    Coordinating Committee
        V D    Technical Committee    & Bylaw E
        V G    Membership Committee  & Bylaw B
        XII     Speakersí Committee  & Bylaw D1
                  Offline Technical Working Group -- Bylaw F


Charter Articles VI, VII  -- Administrative Details
        VI      Election of Officers
        VII     Meetings

Charter Articles VIII, IX, X, XI & XII 
                     -- Policy on Physics Proposals & Results
        VIII      Run time proposals -- Bylaw G
        IX        Access to Data
                    Release of Scientific Results  -- Bylaw D2
                    New Analyses of Existing Data ...
                         (CLAS Approved Analyses) -- Bylaw E
                    Offline Analysis Working Group -- Bylaw F
        X         Theses 
        XI A    Physics Publications ... Preparation 
                           and Review    & Bylaw C
                           & Software papers -- Bylaw C1
                    Distribution of Drafts  -- Bylaw C1
        XI B     Authorship policy  -- Bylaw C7
        XII        Talks    & Bylaws D1 and D2
                     CLAS Speakersí Committee -- Bylaw D1
                     Archives -- Bylaw D1.7