Limited Membership Nomination

A spokesman of a proposal may nominate someone for limited membership on an experiment. In order to make sure that the limited member is aware of the methods for updating information and to expose each prospective member of the CLAS collaboration to the rules and expectations of their committment, all applicants are asked to submit their application through the CLAS membership web pages. Login. Complete the personal data form. Complete the application form. Discuss your application with the CLAS member who is supporting your application. Submit the application when it is ready to be reviewed.

Limited membership is designed to allow people interested and committed to a small subset of the CLAS collaboration's experients, to contribute and receive recognition. Limited members should understand that their inclusion on papers is not guaranteed. The lead authors add the limited collaborators to their paper. Thus all limited members must develop a good working relationship with the lead authors so that efforts provided can be adequately rewarded.

The CLAS coordinating committee regularly reviews and approves the limited member applications.


Upon completion the user is directed to the EDIT page. Here several forms are presented. These are the active forms that contain the current information and status of the person. A typical user will add data to their personal data form. ALWAYS SAVE AFTER DATA ENTRY. Each form is separate so do not make changes to more than one form at a time. A typical user will also edit and save answers to the application form.

Upon completion the form needs to be submitted. The CC can then access the information for review. The CC reviews and approves limited memberhip.