Term Member

A term member is usually a student or postdoc working with an official CLAS institute. Once a person has made a committment he/she should should prepare and application via the web and submit it. All applicants must first receive support from their home institution. The institutional representative from the home institution can also edit and/or submit the application once the applicant has specified his/her institution on personal data form. Usually the institional representative has a better perspective on the overall CLAS committment so it is highly recommended that both the applicant and the representative review the application before submission. The CLAS coordinating committee reviews these applications regulary and approves those applicants that have outlined reasonable goals and contributions. There is a 6 month probationary period. Often well intentioned applicants are unable to fulfill initial committments. The six month review just ensures that the applicant has indeed made a reasonable effort and therefore deserves eligibility on CLAS papers. The membership committee reviews probationary members at every collaboration meeting (4-5 months). Each institutional representative is responsible for making the case for the transition from probation to term membership. However the committee considers the support of any CLAS member that has a knowlege of the applicants work.


Upon completion the user is directed to the EDIT page. Here several forms are presented. These are the active forms that contain the current information and status of the person. A typical user will add data to their personal data form. ALWAYS SAVE AFTER DATA ENTRY. Each form is separate so do not make changes to more than one form at a time. A typical user will also edit and save answers to the application form.

If the person has specified an institute then both the applicant and the institute rep can update/save the application form. Upon completion the form needs to be submitted. The CC can then access the information for review. The CC reviews and approves term memberhip.