Explanation of CLAS Membership Categories

Below is a brief overview of the CLAS membershp categories. Refer to the collaboration charter and bylaws for full details.


Full membership is for physicists (normally Jefferson Lab staff members or university faculty) who commit to make significant contributions to the CLAS detector, maintenance or software.


Term membership is for postdoctoral researchers or graduate students assigned to work on Hall B instrumentation and/or experiments.


Same as a Term member except that the person is not approved for authorship on publications for data recorded before their membership commenced. After six months the Recent members are reviewed by the membership committee. A positive review promotes the Recent member to Term status.



A physicist who is interested in contributing to a small number of CLAS experiments may become a limited member for those particular experiments.

Member Institution

An institute is not defined to be specifically a CLAS institute per se. However whether or not an institue is listed on a paper depends on the status of members from that institute. In this sense a CLAS institute is one that has people at the institute that are approved CLAS members and their official affiliation is with that institute. Distinctions become important when:

In each case should the member wish to be listed at his/her new institution then the member must renegotiate their membership. Typically this means developing a new MOU. If the member prefers to maintain his/her membership in affiliation with the old institute then the person must negotiate with that institute so that service and responsibilites for the institute are covered. The typical approach for case 1 is to develop an MOU and also establish a service agreement. The new institute can then be included on publications. For case 2 an MOU and service contract are negotiatied and the term member applies for full membership. In case three the term member usually finds an intitute that is currently a member that is willing to accept the person as an affiliate. The term membership continues with this institute. Publications are listed with this institution.

Limited members are included on publications by the lead authors with approveal from the CC. They are typically listed according to their institute of choice.


Summary of Rights and Responsibilities






  shifts* shifts* shifts*  
  service service service  
Authorship all papers resulting from data taken while

he/she was a member

papers resulting from experiments

for which he/she is limited member

Authorship all papers written while

he/she is a member

Six month waiting period  
Data Analysis access to all data his/her experiment? his/her experiment? his/her experiment?
Vote CC Chair yes yes yes no
Vote PWG yes yes yes no
Vote Full Members yes no no
Election 2/3 of full members promoted from Recent by MC 4/5 of CC 4/5 of CC

* institutional shifts are based on the total number of full, term members and recent members.