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Access to the online membership database requires a Jefferson Lab user account. Use your JLAB username and password when promted. MAIN Membership area: Author lists, Edit Info., Phonebook The clas database contains data for people and institutions. A history for each person is also kept. Hopefully the format for the displayed information will be clear. People can update their information or retrieve information from the database through the web.

Note: Each person has two types of links to institutions.

  • Adminstrative Institution. This you can change. Maintains your CLAS records. (Both you and your institute rep. can edit your data.) This is the affiliation that generates shift and service workloads for Full an Term members.
  • Affiliations. You need to request changes for these. These are listed on publications. These appear in your history data.
  • Usually these two are the same.

    Some information == Publication Names and addresses are not changeable and you will need to request changes.

    Collaboration List

    A list of members in the class collaboration Current members.

    AUTHOR LISTS.-------------------------------------------------

    The rules for authorship have evolved over the years. The CLAS Charter and Bylaws contain the official rules for authorship. Here is a brief summary.

    Full and Term members qualify to be included on a publication for one of the following reasons.

    Others may be included if they contribute a significant amount of work to the publication. This is usually handled by obtaining limited membership.

    The list of authors is to be alphabetical from A to Z. The lead authors, however, will be listed first, in an order of their choosing. The list of lead authors will be reviewed by the relevant PWG. In cases where results of a Ph.D. project are published, the name of the student is to be listed first. Limited members added at the discretion of Spokespersons will be listed in the main body of the list. Disputes are to be mediated by the Coordinating Committee.

    When a publication is ready for an author list the lead authors should inform the CLAS chairperson. The publication shall be enetered into the list kept in the data base. A form with data entry windows enables the data colletion time periods, journal, adhoc comittee members, lead authors etc. to be stored and retreived from the database. The publication will then be under review and eligible collaborators can OPTIN via the web. It is then up to the lead authors:

    The bylaws do not define an exact time when the author list should remain fixed. It seems reasonable to expect CLAS members to request to be included on papers up until the paper is submitted. Questions concerning eligibility may be directed to the membership chair.

    Author lists are available through the CLAS online database.

    MEMBERSHIP ------------------------------------------------------

    What are the different types of membership in the CLAS collaboration?

    The following links show what type of information will be requested when someone applies for membership.

    Actual MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS must be made through the CLAS database phonebook. An applicant first obtains a user account from JLAB computing. The account will allow the person to login to the clas database and complete the questions online.

    Rights and Responsibilities of CLAS Members

    RECENT or PROBATIONARY TERM ----------------------------------------------------------------

    At every collaboration meeting the membership committee reviews the status of probationary term members. Typically,there are a few new term members who attain eligibility. Advisors and new term members should keep track and ensure that they are reviewed after 6 months.

    Service work----------------------------------------------------------------

    Service Work for CLAS As stated members must contribute to the overall progress, development and maintenance of the CLAS detector and CLAS data. These resposibilites are referred to as SERVICE WORK

    Charter ----------------------------------------------------------------

    CLAS Charter and Bylaws


    To report mistakes/problems, contact Kevin Giovanetti:


    Membership chair Kevin Giovanetti

    Please send all membership correspondence to