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Shift Taker's Required Training

In order to take shifts in Hall-B, you are required to complete the training detailed below, and read the documents in the attached list. Paper copies of the documents are available in the Hall-B counting room and electronically accessible on the web directly from the Main Hall-B Page/Shift-Taker's Manuals.

  1. EH&S Orientation to Jlab (SAF 100)
  2. Oxygen Deficiency Hazards Training (SAF 103)
  3. Radiation Worker I Training (SAF 801C)
  4. Hall B Safety Awareness Walk-Through (SAF 111)
  Required Reading:
  1. Conduct of Operations (COO)
  2. Radiation Safety Assessment Document (RSAD)
  3. Experiment Safety Assessment for the Base Equipment in Hall B (ESAD)
  4. Hall-B Emergency Response Guidlines (ERG)
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  Check your training status:

If you are on site, you may access your own training-related requirements on the Jlab MIS site. Web-based training is available here.

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