Welcome to E99-005

Welcome to Experiment [E99-005],[E01-017] at Hall B of Jlab
Meson Spectroscopy in Few-body Decays

*E99-005 Collaborators: List Of People Working On The Experiment.

*Introduction: General Information About The Experiment.

* The 1999 Run Information (g6a, g6b): Setup And Run Condictions For The July 1999 Data Taking Period, E99-005.

* The 2001 Run Information (g6c): Setup And Run Condictions For The August 2001 Data Taking Period, E21-017.

*Cooking Status And Analysis Reports: Raw And Analyzed Data Locations, ... Status of Cooking and Analysis.

*Internal Reports: Notes, Reports, And References.

Work on this project is partly funded by the NSF GRANT # 9733999.

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