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Some general information about the g6c run

Range Of Runs Number Of Raw Triggers Production Trigger File Raw Data Location Calibration Runs Normalization Runs CLASS_PARMS List Of Good Runs
(29808:30198) ~ 1 Billion clon10:/usr/local/clas/parms/photon/g6/config/g6_prod_1234.cfg /mss/clas/g6c/data Calibration Runs Normalization Runs /group/clasdev/clas/parms List Of Good Runs

Calibration responsibilities

Tagger Calibration: Ji Li
ST and TOF Calibrations: Lei Guo
DC Calibration: Mina Nozar
Photon Flux: Mina Nozar

Data Cooking

Data Analysis

Tagger calibration

  TOF calibration

  DC calibration

Maintained by Mina Nozar

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