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CLAS Speakers Committee Page

The role of the CLAS Speakers Committee (CSC) is to supervise and promote the accurate and broad dissemination of results to the scientific community by talks from members of the CLAS Collaboration. This is an interface to the CSC database, containing conferences and requests for talks. After login, CSC members can use this interface to manage conferences and speaker requests.

If you would like to give a talk or show a poster:
Please log in, then revisit this page to submit your request to the CSC.

You will be able to trace the status of your request in the section below.

Registered speakers

All future and previous conferences from this calendar year are listed below. For the full list, including past years, click here. CLAS12 talks are highlighted in green.

Conference/WorkshopSpeakerTalk TitleTalk TypePWGSlidesProceedingsApproval Status
Seminars/Colloquia Or Hen"Short-Range Correlations in Imbalanced Fermi Systems"Seminar/ColloquiaNP CSC notified
Or Hen"Reactor production of 8Li nuclei for sterile neutrino searches"Seminar/ColloquiaNP CSC notified
Or Hen"Probing Super Dense Nuclear Matter"Seminar/ColloquiaNP CSC notified
Or Hen"From neV to MeV: Short-Range Fermion Correlations"Seminar/ColloquiaNP CSC notified
Or Hen"Short-Range Correlations in Nuclei Current Status and Future Perspectives"Seminar/ColloquiaNP CSC notified
Or Hen"Short-Range Nuclear Structure and Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions"Seminar/ColloquiaNP CSC notified
Or Hen"Short-Range Fermion Correlations: From neV to MeV"Seminar/ColloquiaNP CSC notified
Or Hen"From Cold Atoms to Nuclei: Universal Physics at Short distances"Seminar/Colloquia CSC notified
Or Hen"From Nuclei to Neutron-Stars: Short-Range Fermion Correlations"Seminar/ColloquiaNP CSC notified
Or Hen"From Nuclei to Neutron-Stars: Short-Range Fermion Correlations"Seminar/ColloquiaNP CSC notified

Found a total of 10 Seminar/Colloquia talks with status 'CSC notified' given by Or Hen between Jul 30, 2024 and Dec 31, 2024

Legend: PWG stands for Physics Working Group and can be HS (Hadron Spectroscopy), DP (Deep Processes) or NP (Nuclear Physics). Empty field means an overview talk.

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