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Statements of Service (SoS)

CLAS Statements of Service should be submitted using this interface, every year between June 19 and December 22, 20242024. After log in, any member can edit their institute's SoS and add their own service work by choosing 'My service work' from the menu. Institute representatives should choose 'Submit SoS' from their menu, review the individual contributions, add their own items, and submit the full report at the end. Detailed instructions accompany the submission pages at every step.

Every year one has to submit two sets of data:
  1. A report for service work performed this year (2024)
  2. A service work estimate for the next year (2025)
The service work estimate (2) will be available to you next year as starting point for the report (1), and so on.

At every step, data is cached on server and can be modified later on if necessary. If you do not finalize (submit) your report, all cached data will be available next time you log in to work on your SoS. Just before the last step, you have the possibility to postpone the submission and circulate the SoS within your group. In such case, you will have to return later on to complete the submission.
At submission, your SoS is emailed directly to the CLAS Service Work Committee, with a copy kept on server for evaluation. The evaluation will be done using the latest SoS version stored on server.

Some quick guidelines:
  • 1 FTE = 10 months or 0.025 FTE is approximately one week.
  • The actual FTE is calculated by multiplying the FTE by the percentage done.
  • A paper review takes 2 - 4 weeks (i.e. 0.05 - 0.10 FTE).
  • Maintenance of a cluster used by/for collaboration < 2-4 weeks counts as 0.05 - 0.10 FTE
  • CLAS and CLAS12 service work should be kept separated
Not considered as service work:
  • Membership Committee should not be added
  • Do not add paper reviews in the next year's estimate SoS
  • Scientific publications are not considered service work
  • Supervision of students doing service work is not service work
  • Grant applications are not considered service work
Please read more about what is meant by service work and what to include in your SoS at:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I fill in my SoS ?
Log in via this interface and then choose "My service work" from the menu. Follow the steps. If confused, please re-read attentively the instructions (above) on this page.

Who should edit the SoS ?
Any member can now claim their service work by editing their institute's SoS, as many times as they wish, at any time between April and November. However, only the representative(s) can actually submit the (final) report.

Who should submit the SoS ?
The representative(s) of each CLAS member institution should log in to fill in and submit the SoS. Alternatively, they can appoint someone else from their group to fill the SoS, by editing their 'Members' table and adding another 'Contact'.

Can I use the Open Office SoS template from past years ?
No, you should use the online interface. Do not submit in any other (text, PDF, DOC) format.

Can I submit my SoS after the deadline ?
Strictly no! Submissions after the deadline are not possible, and information can not be added by hand to the database. If you miss the deadline, there's no alternate submission method.

I made a mistake, can I resubmit my SoS ?
Yes, as long as it's not past the deadline, you can submit again, and the old data will be overwritten. The evaluation is done using the latest SoS version submitted.

Can I see the overall statistics ?
Yes, the aggregated SoS data can be viewed by following these links: [2024 report] [2025 estimate]. Once your SoS is submitted, it will show up on its own row in there.

What to do if I don't know my login password ?
If you try to log in with an incorrect password, you will be given the option to receive an email reminder. Try that first. If the received password does not work, then get in touch with your institute representative, who can reset it for you. If you are the institute representative and forgot your password, please contact shiftbot.

How can I review (audit) an SoS ?
If you are a member of the SWC, you can review an institute's SoS by following these steps: 1) log in, 2) navigate to the desired SoS report, 3) click 'Review this SoS' link at the top left of the page. In the 'Comments or reviewed FTE' column you can add either a comment or a number representing your adjusted FTE. You can choose to notify the institute of your submission by ticking the option box below the 'General remarks' input field.


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