Hall B Scientific Staff Bios

Tsuneo Kageya

Tsuneo Kageya performed his research for his Ph.D. at Tokyo Metropolitian University in Japan analyzing data from the bubble chamber experiments at CERN. The research aimed to study the hadronization mechanism of pions in proton-proton collisions at high energy. Since then, he has been involved in experiments to explore the hadron structure, especially the spin structure of nucleons during the last 20 years. He has actively participated in experiments at Spin Muon Collaboration at CERN which confirmed the Spin Crisis, and the first GDH sum rule experiment at Mainz. He has also worked at Dubna and Protvino in Russia in studies of the proton, neutron or and deuteron spin structures using polarized beams and targets. Tsuneo has been developing polarized nucleon targets; polarized thin-polyethylene film target for polarized fusion experiments in Japan, the ultra-cold polarized hydrogen gas jet target for higher density at the university of Michigan and polarized solid HD target for GDH experiments at BNL and most recently for the g14 experiments in the Hall-B at Jefferson Lab. For the 12 GeV programs at JLab, he is particularly interested in measurements of the generalized parton distribution that will further elucidate the spin structure of nucleons in 3D imaging.