Hall B Scientific Staff Bios

Eugene Pasyuk

Eugene Pasyuk graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics institute in 1977. He started his research career at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna first as research associate, then research scientist and then group leader. The main focus of the research then was reactions with medium energy pions, pion-nucleon scattering, pion-nucleus scattering and absorption, pion production by protons and heavy ions. Experiments were performed at JINR, PNPI (Gatchina) and later on at LAMPF and LANSCE (Los Alamos). In 1999 Eugene joined ASU as a research professor and his research activity moved to the experimental Hall B of Jefferson laboratory. He became the primary person responsible for the photon tagging spectrometer and supported all Hall B experiments with real photon beams. Being at Jefferson Lab, Eugene mentored all graduate students from ASU while they were in residence here. He later assumed a leading role in implementation of new photoproduction experiments with polarized photons and polarized target. This included construction of the frozen spin target (FROST). There were two 4-5 months long periods of data taking and Eugene served as a primary coordinator of this run around the clock. In 2010 Eugene joined Jefferson laboratory as a staff scientist. He has authored over 120 publications in refereed journals. Eugene served as a chair of the Hadron Spectroscopy working group of the CLAS Collaboration.