Hall B Scientific Staff Bios

Andrew Puckett

Andrew Puckett has been involved in the physics program of Jefferson Lab since 2002, when he became an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Virginia, from which he earned a B.S. in physics with highest distinction in 2004. He then attended graduate school at MIT from 2004-2009, performing his dissertation research on polarization transfer measurements of the proton electric/magnetic form factor ratio at large momentum transfers in JLab Hall C, for which he was awarded the 2009 JSA/JLab thesis prize. In October 2009, Andrew received his Ph.D. from MIT. From 2009-2011, Andrew was a DirectorÕs Postdoctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), where his primary research focus was the analysis of data from JLab Hall A experiment E06-010 (transversity) studying the transverse spin structure of the neutron. During his postdoctoral fellowship, Andrew also developed and successfully defended a proposal to improve upon these studies using the upgraded 11 GeV CEBAF beam at JLab PAC38. Since January 2012, Andrew has been a staff scientist in the Hall B group at JLab, where his primary responsibility has been the construction of the High Threshold Cherenkov Counter (HTCC) for the CLAS12 spectrometer. Andrew's research is focused on the study of nucleon structure in high-energy electron-nucleon scattering.