Hall B Scientific Staff Bios

Amrit Yegneswaran

Amrit Yegneswaran came to Jefferson Lab in 1989 as a Hall B scientist. At JLab he has been involved in CLAS 6 installation projects, and has worked with electronics and instrumentation for the drift chamber and the superconducting torus magnet; at present he works on the silicon vertex tracker for the CLAS 12 upgrade. As a CLAS collaborator he has participated in several experiments and is listed in papers as a participant in the category CLAS Collaboration. He has mentored high school students and has been the local adviser for undergraduate and graduate students. Amrit received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1988. His thesis experiment and postdoctoral research was done at LBNL at Berkeley. As a graduate student he worked at Fermilab, Illinois and at LBNL, Berkeley. Amrit received his Diplom in physics from R.W.T.H Aachen, Germany on research carried out at the Kernforschungsanlage in Juelich, Germany. Amrit has also worked in the nuclear instrumentation group at Interatom, Bensberg, Germany. He has been an adjunct professor at Christopher Newport University in the Department of Physics and Mathematics from 1995 to present.