Hall B Scientific Staff Bios

Veronique Ziegler

Veronique Ziegler came to Jefferson Lab in November 2011 as a Hall B staff scientist. Veronique was a Post-doctoral Research Associate at SLAC National Accelerator Lab, from 2007 to 2011. She graduated from the Ph.D. program in Experimental High Energy at the University of Iowa in 2007. Her doctoral thesis contributed to the area of baryon spectroscopy. She received the D.C. Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize for 2008 in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Engineering for her work. Prior to joining the CLAS12 experiment at Jefferson Lab, she worked at the BaBar experiment at SLAC. Her postdoctoral work contributed to several Dalitz plot analyses, the discovery of the ηb resonance and first evidence of the hb(1P) state of Bottomonium in its rare π0 transition from Υ(3S) decay. She served as co-convener of the BaBar Quarkonium Analysis Working Group from 2009 until 2011, when she joined Hall B. She is a lead author in 10 papers published in refereed journals and a contributing author in over 400 publications. Her current responsibilities as a staff scientist working in Hall B at Jefferson Lab consist of the development of event reconstruction algorithms and software for the CLAS12 experiment. She also serves as analysis coordinator for CLAS12.