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Hall C Collaboration Meeting

Agenda - (CC L102/104)

Thursday, January 5th
Analysis Updates (I) - Chair: Wim Van Oers (Manitoba)
8:45-9:05Welcome + Hall StatusRolf Ent (JLab)
09:05-09:30Resonance Spin Structure (E01-006)Karl Slifer (UVa)
09:30-09:55Baryon Resonance Electroproduction at High Q2 (E01-002)Anthony Villano (RPI)
09:55-10:20Two-Photon-Exchange Effects in the Electroexcitation Of the Delta (1232)Vladimir Pascalutsa (W&M)
10:20-10:40Coffee Break
10:40-11:05Structure Functions at Low Q2 (E99-118/E00-002)Vladas Tvaskis (Hampton)
11:05-11:30F2 and R in Nuclei at Low Q2 (E02-109/E04-001)Jim Steinman (Rochester)
11:30-11:55Parton-Hadron Duality at High Q2 (E00-116)Simona Malace (Hampton)
11:55-12:20The Pion Form Factor Extension (E01-004)Tanja Horn (Maryland)
12:20-13:30Lunch Break

Analysis Updates (II) - Chair: Dave Gaskell (JLab)
13:30-13:55Duality in Meson Electroproduction (E00-108)Tigran Navasardyan (Yerevan)
13:55-14:20LT Structure Functions in Pion Electroproduction (E00-108)Ya Li (Houston)
14:20-14:45Pion Color Transparency (E01-107)Ben Clasie (MIT)
14:45-15:10L/T separation in pion electroproduction on nuclei (E01-107)Xin Qian (Duke)
15:10-15:40Coffee Break
15:40-16:05Measurements of A(Q2)Peter Bosted (JLab)
16:05-16:30x > 1 (E02-019)Nadia Fomin (UVa)
16:30-16:55EMC Effect in Light Nuclei (E03-103)Aji Daniel (Houston)
16:55-17:20Subthreshold J/Psi Production (E03-008)Peter Bosted (JLab)

Friday, January 06, 2006

2006 Experiment Status/Requirements - Chair: Allena Opper (GWU)
08:45-09:15G0 Measurements (E00-006/E04-115/E05-108)Stephanie Bailey (W&M)
09:15-09:40G0 Backward Angle Accelerator PreparationsJoe Grames (JLab)
09:40-10:00G0 Backward Angle Installation StatusDave Gaskell (JLab)
10:00-10:30Coffee Break

Equipment Status of Large Installation Experiments (I)
10:30-10:50Status of BigCAL (E04-108/E04-019)Lubomir Pentchev (W&M)
10:50-11:10Status of Focal Plane Polarimeter (E04-108/E04-019)Frank Wesselmann (NSU)
11:10-11:30GEANT background simulation of BigCAL (E04-108/E04-019)Andrew Puckett (MIT)
11:30-11:55Neutron Electric Form Factor at Q2 = 4.3 (E04-110)Bryon Anderson (Kent State)
11:55-12:20High-t Exclusive Processes (pion/proton form factor, WACS)Christian Weiss (JLab)
12:20-13:30Lunch Break

Instrumentation Projects Updates - Chair: Steve Wood (JLab)
13:30-13:55New HMS ControlsSteve Lassiter (JLab)
13:55-14:20HMS/SOS Hodoscope UpgradeVardan Tadevosyan (Yerevan)
14:20-14:45Status of Quartz Detector TestsDave Mack (JLab)
14:45-15:10Hall C Infrastructure Projects UpdateGreg Smith (JLab)
15:10-15:40Coffee Break

Equipment Status of Large Installation Experiments (II)
15:40-16:05Qweak Experiment (E05-008)Wim Van Oers (Manitoba)
16:05-16:30Hypernuclear Spectroscopy Experiment (E01-011)Lulin Yuan (Hampton)
16:30-16:55    Spectroscopic Investigation of Hypernuclei (E05-115)Nue Nakamura (Tohoku)
19:00The usual end-of-meeting party @ Rolf's place

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Equipment Status of Large Installation Experiments (III) - Chair: Ed Brash (CNU)
10:00-10:25Spin Asymmetry on the Nucleon Experiment (E03-109)Oscar Rondon (UVa)
10:25-10:50Semi-Inclusive Spin Asymmetries on the Nucleon (E04-113)Mark Jones (JLab)
10:50-11:15Helicity Correlations in Wide-Angle Compton Scattering (E05-101)    Donal Day (UVa)
11:15-11:30Coffee Break

12 GeV Project Status
11:30-12:0012 GeV Project OverviewWill Brooks (JLab)
12:00-13:30Lunch Break

12 GeV Project Status - cont. - Chair: Thia Keppel (Hampton)
13:30-14:00Hall C R&D ProjectsAntje Bruell (JLab)
14:00-14:30SHMS Optics DesignDavid Potterveld (ANL)
14:30-15:00SHMS Mechanical DesignPaul Brindza (JLab)
15:00-15:3012 GeV Proposals DiscussionRolf Ent (JLab)