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Hall C Users Meeting

CEBAF Center F113

Friday, January 13, 2012

8:45-9:00Welcome and Hall C UpdateS. Wood

Experiment Updates - I
9:00-9:20Qweak OverviewM. Dalton
9:20-9:40Qweak PolarimetryV. Tvaskis
9:40-10:00Qweak TrackingS. Yang
10:00-10:20Coffee Break 
10:20-10:40E05-115 (HKS2009) Analysis UpdateC. Chen
10:40-11:00E01-011 (HKS2005) Analysis UpdateY. Han
11:00-11:20E02-017: Photofission UpdateX. Qiu
11:20-11:40E05-017: Two Photon ExchangeP. Solvignon

12 GeV
1:30-1:40JLab User Group BoardR. Beminiwattha
1:40-2:00Accelerator 12 GeV UpdateA. Freyberger
2:30-2:5012 GeV Software ReviewS. Wood
2:50-3:10Coffee Break 
3:10-3:30SHMS Aerogel OverviewM. Carmignotto
3:30-3:50SHMS Shower Counter and Aerogel TestsA. Mkrtchyan
3:50-4:10SHMS Aerogel Construction DetailsN. Hlavin/L. Rothgeb
4:10-4:30SHMS Drift ChambersP. Monaghan
4:30-4:50SHMS Collimator and Sieve Slit DesignD. Dutta
7:00-Social Gathering 
Saturday, January 14, 2012

Experiment Updates - II
10:00-10:20SANE: BETA AsymmetriesW. Armstrong
10:20-10:40SANE: HMS AsymmetriesN. Kalantarians
10:40-11:00SANE: Dilution Factor and Elastic Asymmetry from HMSA. Habarakada Liyanage
11:00-11:20Coffee Break 
11:20-11:40G0: Inelastic and Pion Photo-production AsymmetriesC. Capuano
11:40-12:00Update on J/psi electroproduction near threshold in at 12 GeVE. Fuchey
1:30-2:00Inclusive Electron ScatteringE. Christy
2:00-2:30Inclusive Electron Scattering and neutrino scatteringA. Bodek
2:30-2:50Coffee Break 

12 GeV
2:50-3:10Polarized 3He Target in Hall CP. Solvignon
3:10-3:3012 GeV Beam PolarimetryD. Gaskell
3:30-4:30Early Experiment DiscussionS. Wood