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Hall C Users Meeting

CEBAF Center F113

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Thursday, January 21, 2016
8:45-12:00NPS Collaboration Meeting

1:00-1:25Hall C Status + Spring (March) beamC. Keppel
1:25-1:50Lab UpdateR. Ent
1:50-2:15Experiment Readiness ReviewP. Rossi

Commissioning Experiment Physics
2:15-2:30Color TransparencyD. Dutta
2:30-2:45F2G. Niculescu
2:45-3:00EMC & x>1D. Day
3:00-3:15Deuteron electro-disintegrationM. Jones
3:15-3:30Coffee Break 

Previous Experiment Physics Updates
3:30-3:55Qweak: Transverse Asymmetries on Nuclei M. McHugh
3:55-4:20Qweak: Aluminum Longitudinal Asymmetries K. Bartlett
4:20-4:45Hall C Inclusive Experiments: Status update on measurements of longitudinal structure of nucleons and nuclei E. Christy

SHMS/Project Status
4:45-5:15Hall C 12 GeV Project Status H. Fenker
SHMS Magnet Status P. Brindza
Friday, January 22, 2016

Future Experiment Updates
8:30-8:45Status Polarized 3He Target in Hall C J.-P. Chen
8:45-9:20A1n measurements in Hall C X. Zheng
d2n measurements in Hall C B. Sawatzky
9:20-9:45In Medium Nucleon Structure Functions, SRC, and the EMC Effect (revised) L. Weinstein
9:45-10:10Measurement of the Charged Pion Form Factor to High Q2 D. Gaskell
10:10-10:45Neutral Particle SpectrometerC. Munoz-Camacho
10:45-11:00Coffee Break 
11:00-12:00Wide Angle Compton ScatteringA. Radyushkin

Hall C Commissioning
1:15-1:35Collaborator MOUs A. Lung
1:35-2:00E12-10-002/E12-10-008/E12-06-105 Commissioning Experiment Run PlanS. Malace
2:00-2:20SHMS Optics Commissioning M. Jones
2:20-2:45Data AcquisitionB. Sawatzky
2:45-3:05Analysis SoftwareS. Wood
3:05-3:30Coffee Break 
3:30-3:50SHMS Wire ChambersD. Biswas
3:50-4:10SHMS Scintillators G. Niculescu
4:10-4:30SHMS Quartz Bars A. Ahmidouch
4:30-4:50SHMS Aerogel Detector A. Mkrtchyan
4:50-5:30Discussion/Run Planning, Steve Wood discussion leader All