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Hall C Users Meeting


Friday, January 22, 2010
CEBAF Center Auditorium



S. Wood

12 GeV Proposals and Updates
9:00-9:40SIDIS OverviewH. Avagyan
9:40-10:00PR10-002: Precise measurements of the F2 structure function at large x in the resonance region and beyondS. Malace
10:00-10:20PR10-008: Detailed studies of the nuclear dependence of F2 in light nucleiJ. Arrington
10:20-10:40PR10-012: Precision Measurements of nucleon and Nuclear Structure Functions to Constrain Gluon DistributionsL. Zhu
1:30-1:50PR10-003: Deuteron Electro-Disintegration at Very High Missing MomentaW. Boeglin
1:50-2:10GeN updateB. Plaster
2:10-2:30LOI10-007: Neutron Properties in the Nuclear Medium Studied by Polarization MeasurementsD. Higinbotham

Analysis Updates I
2:30-2:50E05-017: Two-photon exhange in unpolarized elastic electron-proton scatteringJ. Johnson
2:50-3:10E02-019: Inclusive scattering from nuclei at x greater than 1N. Fomin
3:30-3:50E06-009/E04-001 update (high Q2 data)I. Albayrak
3:50-4:10Extracting FL momentsP. Monaghan
4:10-4:30E01-011 & E05-115: Hypernuclear spectroscopyS. Nakamura
4:30-4:50GeP-III AnalysisA. Puckett
4:50-5:10GeP-2gamma analysisM. Meziane
5:10-5:30GeP-III Inelastic eventsW. Lou
Saturday, January 23, 2010
CEBAF Center L102/4

Qweak overview and target statusS. Covrig
9:20-9:40Qweak luminosity monitors and trackingJ. Leacock
9:40-10:00Qweak Main Detector and QTOR MappingP. Wang

Analysis Updates II
10:00-10:20G0 backward inelasticC. Capuano
11:00-11:20SANE/BETA data analysisJ. Mulholland
11:20-11:40Polarized Target performance during SANEJ. Maxwell
11:40-12:00Neural networks in analyzing BETAW. Armstrong
2:00-2:20Pair-symmetric background analysisL. Ndukum
2:40-3:00Proton Ge/Gm from elastic e-p asymmetryA. Liyanage

12 GeV Updates
3:00-3:30Hall A Root AnalyzerO. Hansen
3:30-3:5012 GeV statusG. Young
3:50-4:10SHMS updateP. Brindza
4:30-4:4012 GeV TargetsS. Covrig
4:40-5:00A Spin Light based polarimeter at 12 GeVD. Dutta
5:00-?Analysis Software and 12 GeV discussions