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Hall C Users Meeting

CEBAF Center L102/4

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

1:15-1:30Hall C StatusS. Wood

Future Detectors
1:40-2:05Hall C LAD detector progressL. Weinstein
2:05-2:30Concept for a superconducting toroidal spectrometer and outline of possible physics program - Examples: PVDIS, Transversity, e-p PV, etc.Carlini/Sawatzky
2:30-2:45Coffee Break 
2:45-2:55Introduction: A Neutral Particle Detector FacilityS. Wood
2:55-3:05Neutral Meson DetectionT. Horn
3:05-3:30Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering and Eta productionC. Hyde
3:30-3:55Wide Angle Compton ScatteringB. Wojtsekhowski
3:55-4:20Neutral Particle Detector: Crystal PropertiesH. Mkrtchyan
4:25-4:45Neutral Particle Detector: SimulationsM. Carmignotto
Friday, January 25, 2013

SHMS: Equipment and Experiments
9:00-9:20Experimental Readiness ReviewsP. Rossi
9:20-9:50SHMS Magnet StatusP. Brindza
9:50-10:10Status of the SHMS Drift ChambersN. Kalantarians
10:10-10:30Coffee Break 
10:30-10:50Hall C Analysis software updateM. Jones
10:50-11:10SHMS Aerogel Detector UpdateM. Carmignotto
11:10-11:30SHMS Shower Counter and AerogelA. Mkrtchyan
11:30-11:50Design of the Noble Gas CerenkovD. Day

1:15-1:35Upgrade of the polarized 3He target systemP. Solvignon
1:35-1:55Liquid Hydrogen Target Design for 12 GeVS. Covrig
1:55-2:15Studies of single-photoelectron response and of performance in high magnetic field of a H8500C-03 photomultiplier tubeS. Malace
2:15-2:30Coffee Break 

Experiment Updates
2:30-2:50Measurements of F2 and R on nuclei in the resonance region -- E02-109/E04-001 analysis updateS. Malace
2:50-3:20Qweak: Early Results and Status UpdateS. MacEwan
3:20-3:45HKS progress and plansS. Nakamura
3:45-4:15Final analysis of π-+ data from the pion form factor experimentsG. Huber
4:15-4:35Spin Asymmetries of the Nucleon Experiment updateW. Armstrong
4:35-4:55Proton Form Factor Ratio, Ge/Gm, from Double Sipn AsymmetriesA. Liyanage
7:00-Social Gathering