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CEBAF Center F113

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Friday, February 21, 2014

8:45-9:15Hall C Status & Reorganization StatusS. Wood

12 GeV Updates
9:15-9:45Impact of delta-rays on performance of the aerogel detectorM. Carmignotto
9:45-10:15Results of cosmic tests and possibilities for performance optimization of the aerogel detectorS. Zhamkochyan
10:15-10:45Coffee Break 
10:45-11:15SHMS ChambersN. Kalantarians
11:15-11:45SHMS GEM TrackerM. Shabestari
11:45-12:15Hall C C++ Analyzer UpdateG. Niculescu

Neutral Particle Spectrometer and 12 GeV Experiments
1:30-2:00Calorimeter curing and light monitoring systems prototype studiesH. Mkrtchyan
2:00-2:30fADC and triggering scheme prototype testsA. Camsonne
2:30-3:00Real Compton Scattering and pi0 photoproduction - update on a combined experimentB. Wojtsekhowski
3:00-3:30E12-11-009 (GeN) UpdateM. Kohl

12 GeV Updates - cont.
3:30-3:45Coffee Break 
3:45-4:15Hall C 12 GeV Polarimetry and Beamline UpdateD. Gaskell
4:15-4:30SHMS Structure InstallationM. Fowler
4:30-5:00SHMS MagnetsP. Brindza
Saturday, February 22, 2014

Analysis Updates
9:30-10:00Qweak UpdateA. Subedi
10:00-10:30Qweak Transverse Asymmetry MeasurementsB. Waidyawansa
10:30-11:00Jan05 analysis updateS. Malace
11:00-11:15Coffee Break 
11:15-11:45Spin Asymmetries of the Nucleon Experiment: BETA Analysis UpdateW. Armstrong
11:45-12:15Recent Spectroscopic Investigation of Λ-Hypernuclei by the (e,e'K+) ReactionC. Chen

SHMS Fringe Fields
R. Carlini
12:15-12:45SHMS magnet fringe field modelingM. Moore
12:45-1:15Geant SimulationsB. Waidyawansa