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Workshop on High Luminosity Polarized Targets for the 12GeV Era
(Joint Hall A & C Meeting)

Organizing Committee
Jian-Ping Chen 
Silviu Covrig 
Mark Jones 
Patricia Solvignon 
Steve Wood 


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Thursday, June 17, 2010
CEBAF Center F326/327



S. Wood

Polarized 3He target: R&D
9:00-9:40Polarized targets for Hall A 12 GeV: R&D and PhysicsJian-Ping Chen (JLab)
9:40-10:10A High-Luminosity Polarized He-3 Target for the 12GeV EraGordon Cates (UVA)
10:10-10:40  "Pump up your luminosity": High pressure 3He target with an ex situ SEOP polarizer Bill Hersman (UNH)

12 GeV Proposals and Updates
  Chair: Mark Jones  
11:00-11:30E12-06-121: d2nTodd Averett (W&M)
11:30-12:00E12-06-110: A1n (conditionally approved)Xiaochao Zheng (UVA)
12:00-12:30Single Spin Asymmetries in Exclusive Pion Electroproduction Dipangkar Dutta (MSU)

  Chair: Patricia Solvignon
2:00-5:00Open Discussion Sessions
Friday, June 18, 2010
CEBAF Center F326/327

Polarized ammonia target: R&D
  Chair: Jian-Ping Chen  
8:45-9:05 The HDice target Andy Sandorfi
9:05-9:30CLAS12 Measurements with Polarized Targets Narbe Kalantarians (UVA)
9:30-10:00Polarized target for CLAS 12 Josh Pierce (JLab)
10:00-10:30   UVA target developmentsDonal Day (UVA)

Possible 12 GeV Proposals
  Chair: Mark Jones  
11:00-11:30Deuteron Tensor Structure Functions Karl Slifer (UNH)
11:30-12:00 Potential Spin Physics from a Transversely Polarized Solid Target at 12GeV Narbe Kalantarians (UVA)
12:00-12:30   Nucleon Spin-Flavor Decomposition Experiments Using Polarized Targets (Hall A/C)   Andrew Puckett (LANL)

  Chair: Jian-Ping Chen  
2:30-5:00Open Discussion sessions