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Hall C Summer Workshop

Friday, June 22, 2012, CEBAF Center Auditorium

9:00-9:10WelcomeS. Wood

Global Analyses
9:10-9:40A-dependence of the EMC effect and SRC (and their correlations)A. Daniel
9:40-10:10Flavor dependence of the EMC effectD. Dutta
10:10-10:40Exclusive Pseudoscalar Meson productionT. Horn
10:40-11:00Coffee Break 
11:00-12:00Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors and SpinJerry Miller

12 GeV Project and Detectors - I
1:30-2:00Project OverviewG. Young
2:00-2:30SHMS StatusP. Brindza
2:30-2:45Coffee Break 

12 GeV Software Development
2:45-3:15Introduction to the Hall A analyzer frameworkO. Hansen
3:15-3:40Update on the 12 GeV Hall C analyzer implementationS. Wood
3:40-4:00Update on Hall C Monte Carlo simulation for 12 GeVM. Jones

Future Experiments and Opportunities in Hall C - I
4:15-4:45HKS plans for 12 GeVL. Tang
4:45-5:15EMC with tagged recoil nucleonsL. Weinstein
5:15-5:45AT in pion production and new polarized targetG. Huber
7:00Social Event
Saturday, June 23, 2012, CEBAF Center F113

12 GeV Project and Detectors - II
9:00-9:20Hall C deinstalation, installation, commissioning and early experiments with discussionS. Wood
9:20-9:45Drift ChambersE. Christy
9:45-10:10Cerenkov detectorsG. Huber
10:10-10:30Aerogel StatusN. Hlavin
10:30-10:50Sieve slit updateM. Jones

Future Experiments and Opportunities in Hall C - II
11:10-11:40DVCS in Hall C at 12 GeVC. Hyde
11:40-12:10Neutron Form Factors from inclusive scattering on 3HeV. Sulkosky
12:10-12:40A future π0 detection facility in Hall CMarco Carmignotto