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Physics opportunities in Hall C at 12 GeV

CEBAF Center F113

Monday, August 4, 2008


Intro, Hall C leader remarks

S. Wood

QCD in nuclei [Chair: H. Gao]
09:15-09:55  Directions for probing QCD in and with nucleiM. Strikman
10:00-10:40QCD in nuclei at 12 GeVD. Dutta
11:00-11:25Short range correlationsE. Piasetzky
11:25-11:50Shadowing and radiative corrections at low x and Q2A. Bruell
11:50-12:05How to reconcile GMn?M. Kohl

SIDIS and exclusive processes [Chair: A. Bruell]
2:00-2:40Possible relations between GPDs and TMDsM. Schlegel
2:45-3:15What is going on outside of JLab (Hermes, Compass, JParc, RHIC-spin)  E. Aschenauer
3:15-3:45What is going on at JLabD. Gaskell
4:00-4:25Measurement of Gen at high momentum transferA. Semenov
4:25-4:50Measurement of the pion structure functionL. Zhu
4:50-5:15Meson form factor and reaction mechanismT. Horn
5:15-5:40Transverse Momentum dependence of charged pion productionR. Ent
Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Large x physics [Chair: T. Averett]
9:00-9:40Mysteries of nucleon structure at large xW. Melnitchouk
9:40-10:20Future experiments in Hall CB. Sawatzky
10:20-10:45PVDIS at JLab 6 and 12 GeVX. Zheng
11:00-11:30Higher order radiative corrections to electron proton scattering E. Tomasi
11:30-12:00SHMS user group issuesDiscussion led by G. Huber

Apparatus Upgrade
2:00-2:30Overview of SHMS detector system, Requirements, and ScheduleH. Fenker
2:30-2:50Optics and Background StudiesT. Horn
2:50-3:20SHMS magnets and frameP. Brindza
3:20-3:30Wire chambersE. Christy
3:30-3:40HodoscopesI. Niculescu
3:40-3:50Quartz Detectors A. Ahmidouch
4:00-4:10Noble Gas CerenkovD. Day
4:10-4:20Heavy Gas CerenkovG. Huber
4:20-4:30Electromagnetic CalorimeterV. Tadevosyan
4:30-5:30General discussionLed by R. Ent or A. Bruell