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Hall C Physics investigations before the 12 GeV Upgrade

CEBAF Center F113

Thursday, August 6, 2009



S. Wood

Nucleon Structure
9:00-9:40  Structure of the NucleonB. Wojtsekhowski
9:40-10:00GEp/GMp at High Q2A. Puckett
10:20-11:00Higher Twist, QCD Vacuum Structure, and Duality in Spin Structure FunctionsC. Weiss
11:00-11:20Two-photon Effects in Elastic Recoil PolarizationM. Meziane
11:20-11:40Analysis of E04-108 Inelastic DataW. Luo
11:40-12:00Status of SANE AnalysisH. Baghdasaryan
12:00-12:20Status of HMS Elastic and Inclusive Spin Asymmetry Analysis  N. Kalantarians

Fundamental Symmetries
2:00-2:40Observations of High Energy Cosmic Ray Electrons by the ATIC Balloon ExperimentJoachim Isbert,
Louisiana State Univ.
2:40-3:20Hadronic Corrections in Parity-Violating Electron ScatteringW. Melnitchouk
3:20-3:50Strange Quark Contribution To the Electromagnetic Properties of the Nucleon, G0 ResultsF. Benmokhtar
4:05-4:35The Qweak Experiment: An UpdateK. Myers
4:35-5:00The 12 GeV Parity ProgramK. Paschke
Friday, August 7, 2009

Hypernuclear Physics
8:30-9:10Hypernuclear Physics with QMC Model (quark-based relativistic mean field theory) K. Tsushima
9:10-09:50Lambda-Sigma Coupling Effect in The Neutron-Rich Lambda A. Umeya,
10:10-10:50Hypernuclear Physics at JLab L. Yuan
10:50-11:00Audience moves to CEBAF Center Auditorium
11:00-12:00Hypernuclear Physics with the FINUDA Experiment S. Bufalino,
U. Turin, INFN-Turin

12 GeV Physics & Instrumentation
2:00-2:40SHMS Design Parameters and 12 GeV Experiments in Hall CD. Gaskell
2:40-3:10Overview of the SHMS systemH. Fenker
3:30-3:50The SHMS Aerogel For the Hall-C Kaon Program G. Huber
3:50-4:10The Poor Man's RICH Concept: A One-Dimensional Dual Radiator RICHJ. Reinhold
4:10-4:30General discussion led by: Steve Wood S. Wood