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Hall C Summer Workshop

CEBAF Center F113

Friday, August 19, 2011

9:00-9:15 Welcome and Hall C UpdateS. Wood

Hadrons in the Nuclear Medium
9:15-9:45Inclusive Short Range CorrelationsN. Fomin
9:45-10:15Probing bound nucleons in 4He and 2HS. Strauch
10:15-10:30Coffee Break 
10:30-11:00Exclusive study of Short Range CorrelationsE. Piasetzky
11:00-11:30Tagged measurementsK. Hafidi
11:30-12:00Hadron Propagation Through the Nuclear MediumD. Dutta

Spin Structure
1:30-2:10Theory overview on the current status and future directions of spin studiesJ. Qiu
2:10-2:403He measurements in Hall C, Slides Part 2X. Zheng
2:40-3:10Coffee Break 
3:10-3:40Longitudinal spin structure studies with CLASA. Deur
3:40-4:10SANEH. Baghdasaryan
4:10-4:40Hall A SIDIS experiments with SoLIDJ. Huang
4:45-5:00Discussion of SHMS/HMS analysis softwareNiculescu/Arrington/Sawatzky
7:00-Social event
Saturday, August 20, 2011

3D Structure of Hadrons
9:30-10:00Theory Overview of Hard Exclusive Meson Electroproduction at 12 GeV JLabC. Weiss
10:00-10:25Exclusive Vector meson production at 12 GeV P. Stoler
10:25-10:50Hard exclusive pi0 and eta production at 12 GeVV. Kubarovsky
10:50-11:10Coffee Break 
11:10-11:35Pseudoscalar meson production at 12 GeVT. Horn
11:35-12:00Compton Scattering Experiments at 12 GeVF.-X. Girod
12:00-12:25Imaging Studies at Future Facilities, Worldwide ContextR. Ent

SHMS Commissioning
1:45-2:10SHMS Status & Design DetailsH. Fenker
2:10-2:30Commissioning: Past & FutureR. Carlini
2:30-4:00Brief updates for early experiment candidates
E12-06-107: The Search for Color Transparency at 12 GeVD. Dutta
E12-06-110: Measurement of Neutron Spin Asymmetry A1n in the Valence Quark Region Using an 11 GeV Beam and a Polarized 3He Target in Hall CX. Zheng
E12-06-121: A Path to "Color Polarizabilities" in the Neutron: A precision measurement of the Neutron g2 and d2 at High Q2 in Hall C B. Sawatzky
E12-09-002: Precise Measurement of π+- Ratios in Semi-inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering Part I: Charge Symmetry Violating Quark DistributionsD. Gaskell
E12-09-011: Studies of the L-T Separated Kaon Electroproduction Cross Section from 5-11 GeVT. Horn
E12-09-017: Transverse Momentum Dependence of Semi-Inclusive Pion and Kaon ProductionR. Ent
E12-10-002: Precision measurements of the F2 structure function at large x in the resonance region and beyondS. Malace
E12-10-003: Deuteron Electro-Disintegration at Very High Missing MomentaW. Boeglin
E12-11-002: Proton Recoil Polarization in the 4He(e,e'p)3H, 2H(e,e'p)n, and 1H(e,e'p), ReactionsG. Huber
4:00-General DiscussionS. Wood