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NPS Collaboration Meeting, November 14, 2013

CEBAF Center L102/4

Remote Connection Instructions for NPS Collaboration Meeting

During the meeting, copies of slides are available in the CUA Wiki.

Video via SeeVogh

Remote desktop viewing and video conference support will be through SeeVogh: NOTE: I strongly encourage you to test SeeVogh on your machine by connecting to prior to the meeting. Contact Brad Sawatzky ( if you have difficulties.

Audio via Readytalk

Audio phone conferencing support will be through Readytalk. Call in and have the access code ready.
Thursday, November 14, 2013

RCS Planning
9:00-9:20Welcome and Plans for the dayT. Horn
9:20-10:00RCS Theory IN. Kivel
10:00-10:40RCS Theory IITBD
10:40-11:00Coffee Break 
11:00-11:20RCS UpdateD. Hamilton
11:20-11:40Exclusive pi0 photoproduction UpdateD. Dutta

NPS and Physics Program Discussion
1:30-1:45Hall C View on the NPSS. Wood
1:45-2:15NPS designM. Fowler
2:15-2:45Comparison of PbWO4 and PbF2 crystal propertiesA. Mkrtchyan
2:45-3:15DAQ plans in Hall C and compatibility with NPSB. Sawatzky
3:15-3:45Electronics - status and upgrade opportunities for fADCs C. Cuevas
3:45-4:00Coffee Break 
4:00-5:00Strategy for future program development and funding
5:00-6:00Future NPS experiments, e.g., with polarized targetsBogdan, Donal, Charles