FDC Prototype Test Plan: (GlueX-doc-68)

Hall D Cosmic Ray Test Stand Chamber Calibrations:  (ps, pdf)

FDC Particle Identification via dE/dX : (GlueX-doc-417)

Chamber thickness calculation: (ps, pdf)

FDC chamber capacitance calculations: (ps, pdf)

Nominal cathode charge calculation: (ps, pdf)

Garfield calculations: (html).

Geometrical and Operating parameters: (ps, pdf)

Setting chamber HV parameters: (ps, pdf)

FDC On-Chamber Electronics: (GlueX-doc-753)

FDC Technical Design Report: (GlueX-doc-754)

FDC Garfield Studies: (GlueX-doc-757)

Lessons Learned from FDC Visit to FNAL: (GlueX-doc-758)

HV Distribution for Hall D Tracking Chambers (3/2008): GlueX-doc-967

LV Distribution for Hall D Tracking Chambers (3/2008): GlueX-doc-966

Grounding and Shielding Guidelines for Hall D (4/2008): GlueX-doc-1029

GlueX FDC Phase 3 Preparation Work (12/2009): (pdf)

FDC Readout Modifications (12/2009): (pdf)

Last modified: December 17, 2009
Daniel S. Carman