Wire Frame Circuit Boards:

Left STB Board
Right STB Board
Left HVTB Board
Right HVTB Board
Left Filler Board
Right Filler Board

Composite Wire Frames:

Wire Frame Detail
Wire Frame G10 Skin

Daughter Boards:

Daughter Board Card and Connector

Cathode Boards:

Left Cathode Board
Center Cathode Board
Right Cathode Board

Composite Cathode Frames:

Upstream Cathode Frame Detail
Downstream Cathode Frame Detail
Cathode Frame Large G10 Skin
Cathode Frame Small G10 Skin
Cathode Frame Rohacell Core
Upstream Cathode Backing Rohacell
Downstream Cathode Backing Rohacell

Cathode Daughter Boards:

Cathode Daughter Board Detail
Cathode Daughter Ground Board

Composite Spacer Frames:

Spacer Frame Detail

Ground Planes:

Ground Plane Detail

Outer Package Skin Assemblies:

Outer Assembly G10 Skin

Cooling System:

Aluminum Bracket
Lower Clamp
Design Document
Chiller System Block Diagram

Assembly Drawings:

FDC System Assembly View
Upstream Package Assembly Detail
Downstream Package Assembly Detail
Upstream Layer Assembly Detail
Downstream Layer Assembly Detail

Cable Layouts:

FDC Exoskeleton:

High Voltage System:

HV Distribution
HV Architecture
HV Connector Pinout
HV Design Document

Low Voltage System:

LV Distribution 1
LV Distribution 2
LV Distribution 3
LV Design Document

Gas System:

Gas System Schematic

FDC Insertion Cart:

FDC Rail and Rail Attachment Assemblies:

Rail System Concept 1
Rail System Concept 2
Rail System Attachment 1
Rail System Attachment 2
Rail System Attachment 3
Rail System Attachment 4
Rail System Attachment 5
Rail System Attachment 6
Rail System Attachment 7
Rail System Attachment 8
Rail System Attachment 9
Rail System Attachment 10
Rail System Attachment 7

FDC Sighting Attachments:

See the FDC drawing archive for some older historical drawings.

Last modified: May 23, 2008
Daniel S. Carman