This page contains some older drawings archived for historical purposes.

Randy Wojcik's FDC prototype design : Version 1.0 (Feb. 18, 2003), Version 1.1 (Feb. 25, 2003)
Some drawing and typing errors were corrected and small modifications were made on the original design:
  • Sense/field plane: HVs for the sense/field plane were separated from the signal read-out board. New board was designed for sense and field HV. Holes for the bolts were included. Frame size and number of field wires were corrected. The little well for the epoxy was decided to be removed for simplicity. In order to avoid the o-ring going over the wires and to make the structure gas tight, the PC board was flipped and the sense wires connected to the PC board using solder and `vias'. The PC board is glued to the G10 frame. Preamps were also flipped with the PC board.
  • Cathode plane: Number of strips and read-out boards is doubled. Holes for the bolts are included. PC boards are flipped such that their active side is glued to the G10 frame. Connection between the strips and the PC board is made by using `vias' and conducting epoxy.
  • Al frames: Gas in and out locations are indicated.

  • Randy Wojcik's FDC prototype mechanical design: V1.0 (Apr. 1, 2003), V2.0 (Apr. 9, 2003) V4.0 (May 21, 2003)
    - V2.0 : Aluminum frames were made thicker for gas in/output.
    - V4.0 : Modified layout of PC board tabs on cathode plane. Included gas inlet.

    Randy Wojcik's FDC prototype wire plane board: V1.0 (Apr. 16, 2003), V3.0 (May 12, 2003), V4.0 (May 21, 2003),
    - V3.0 : Fiducial marks and survey pins are added.
    - V4.0 : Through holes moved inward.

    Randy Wojcik's FDC prototype cathode plane board: V1.0 (Apr. 18, 2003), V3.0 (May 12, 2003), V4.0 (May 21, 2003),
    - V3.0 : The strips are separated by 1 mm.
    - V4.0 : Add holes in plane for gas flow.

    Fernando Barbosa's preliminary preamp board circuit layout: V1.0 (Apr. 16, 2003)

    Fernando Barbosa's preamp board design: Board specs, Schematic (Apr. 16, 2004)

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